Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Updating yet more stash

For the past few days, I worked to finish taking pictures of all of my unspun fiber, so that I could have a complete inventory of this portion (ha! not even going to think right now about the fleeces and yarn) of my stash.  I alternate between glee and mortification that I've accumulated so much fiber since I began spinning.  It's kind of like dancing a jig while hiding under a bed.  Weird psychology. 

On Friday last week, I posted that I had photographed and cataloged all of my dyed fiber.  So it was time to get to work on my natural, undyed fibers.  I have a really diverse collection that includes different sheep wools, mohair, silk, and luxuries like angora and mink.  I love having those bits of luxury fibers to admire and pet, but I haven't yet given myself permission to use them.  I'm still quite firmly in the reverence stage for these fibers.  Until I know that I can do them justice with my spinning skills, they'll remain unspun and serve as inspiration & motivation to keep improving my technique. 

But the important news, the milestone achieved, is that I have a complete catalog of my unspun fiber stash!  I have photos and details of all of my fibers logged into my Ravelry stash.  I debated using a different stash tool, either creating my own or there are even apps available for it on my iPhone.  But in the end I decided that would be kinda like reinventing the wheel and I didn't need to add a layer of work on to this inventory project. 

So what does this mean?  It means for the first time, I actually know exactly what I have in my unspun fiber stash, including what it is, how much there is, and with a photo for every item.  I will now be able to browse through my catalog and easily pick out my fibers for a project.  This is awesome!

Here are a few of the natural, undyed fibers that I found during this inventory work:

Pearl mohair locks:

Mixed grey & brown Lincoln lamb locks:

plucked English angora:

baby alpaca combed top:

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