Thursday, February 23, 2012

English Garden sample yarn is finished!

I have finished my "English Garden" sample yarn!  Another WIP to cross off my list!  A while ago, I had admired a big box of the "English Garden" colorway at Detta's, and she was very kind to give me a sample of the fiber.  I used my smallest spindle, weighing 16 grams, to spin a sample yarn.  And I decided to have some fun and make the sample into a 4-strand cable yarn. 

Here's a recap of this yarn from start to finish:

I took my sample of Ashland Bay merino "English Garden" colorway,

and divided the wool into four strips of approximately equal size.  I spun the wool using a worsted drafting method.  I would spin one of the strips, then spin a bit of white wool to mark the end of that strip and the beginning of the next one. 

I wound off the singles yarn containing two strips worth of the fiber on to a bobbin, and then repeated the process to fill the other bobbin:

I plied the bobbins together to form a 2-ply yarn, and was very happy to see that my white middle areas lined up very well. 

Once I reached the white middle area, I wound off the first section of 2-ply yarn on to a bobbin, then repeated the process to fill another bobbin. 

Finally, to create the final 4-strand cable yarn, I plied the two 2-ply yarns together.  I used the same spindle for this entire process.  The final yarn is very strong and has a nice bounce to it.  Even though it's a 4-strand yarn, my initial singles were quite thin, so the final yarn is still laceweight!  It's a very sweet, small skein of yarn that was a lot of fun to make. 

100% merino wool
4-strand cable, worsted
8 grams, 27 WPI (laceweight), 36 yards

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