Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet the new addition to my family!

I have long despaired that since we live in Minneapolis, the zoning laws prevent us from having helpful animals in our backyard.  I would love to have a small flock of chickens, for example.  They can eat the bugs in the vegetable garden and provide fresh eggs.  But the zoning laws are very clear and they list cows, horses, hogs, sheep, goats, and chickens very specifically as no-no's for our area.  So no chickens for now, and no sheep for me until I can afford land outside of our current zoning. 

But I have found a loophole! 

Alpacas!  They are not specifically listed as a forbidden agricultural animal and I have found a breeder of pygmy alpacas!  I have reserved a new little girl to come live with us.  She was born a few weeks ago and will stay with her mother until she is weaned.  Then she will come to live in our backyard!

Any suggestions on names for this beautiful little girl?  Here she is with her mother:

yes, this IS April Fool's Day...