Friday, February 17, 2012

Updating my stash

I took some time yesterday to work on cataloging my stash inventory.  As I mentioned in Tuesday's post, which is a bit embarrassing, I honestly do not know what is in my stash.  So I pulled out the plastic crate that stores my dyed unspun fiber and began taking pictures.  Now I'm dancing the victory dance, because I did get through my entire dyed fiber stash!  There's still plenty of undyed fiber, fleeces, and yarn to catalog for a complete stash inventory, but the first step of the catalog process is complete and it feel really, really good. 

I use Ravelry's stash organization tool, which isn't available to the general public so I can't post a link that will work for everyone.  If you are a Ravelry member and want to see the full dyed fiber inventory, my ravatar is zeithound, and then click on my handspun stash.  Since the organization tool forces the list to be alphabetical, I came up with a naming convention that forces my handspun into subcategories that make sense to me.  My subcategories are Fleece, UF (stands for unspun fiber), WIP, and Yarn.  This means my list automatically moves from (1) stuff to spin, (2) stuff being spun, and (3) finishing spinning. 

I can't post without a few pretty pictures, so here are some of the dyed fibers that are now officially recorded in my stash inventory.  All of the beautiful colors make my fingers itch to start spinning!

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