Monday, February 27, 2012

Can you say active plying twist?

As I had planned for my weekend spinning work, I finished plying my Indiana Dunes yarn.  I filled most of a bobbin with the 2-ply yarn:

I use my swift to pull the yarn off the bobbin into a skein.  While it's stretched on the swift, I can easily tie off the skein to prepare it for the last step, which is washing it & setting the twist.  Since the twist energy in the singles has long been dormant, the plying twist accounts for all the active energy in this yarn, which can lead to very funny-looking yarn. 

When I took the skein off the swift, the yarn formed its own 3D art object:

And it was tempting to just leave it alone and let it be a pretty, artsy cowl:

But I decided to go ahead and wash it.  It's soaking now in hot water.  I'll press out that water, then soak it again in hot water with a bit of soap, rinse it in cold, rinse it in hot with a bit of agitation, one last cold rinse, press out the last water & hang it to dry. 

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