Friday, June 1, 2012

Thank you Mr. Postman!

June is starting with a bang!  My copy of Spin-Off, Summer 2012 arrived in the mail.  I always dance a happy jig when it shows up:

I try really hard to enjoy the magazine as slowly as possible, only letting myself read one or two articles at a time.  It's hard not to devour it in a single sitting, but I try. 

While I always enjoy the magazine, some of the Spin-Off quarterly issues appeal to me more than others.  This summer's publication might be destined to be one of my favorites.  Perhaps it's because there is so much spindle-related information in this issue, and I love using spindles.  There are two articles that pertain to support spindles, which I have barely used and gaining some expertise with support spindling is on my fiber to-do list.

A couple of other articles talk about twist - one focuses on how to overply yarn for specific kinds of durability, and another deals with creating functional singles yarn.  I've been thinking about these topics in depth on my own for quite a while now, so these articles dovetailed well for me and confirmed what I've been working on with my own yarn.  I haven't played much with singles yarn yet, and it's definitely something I want to do with my craft.

Another highlight that's waiting for me is an article from Deb Robson that discusses the relationship between fiber diameter, crimp, and fiber softness.  I am a total wool geek, so this article is crack for me.  With much teeth-gritting, I'm saving this article for last.  I will make it my reward for some dreaded task. 

And in other news, those bobbins of mill-ends singles are still on the lazy kate waiting to be plied.  What can I say?  Memorial weekend was busy.  (sigh)

(I don't intend this post as an advertisement, but if you want your own copy of the magazine and you can't find it locally, here is the Interweave store link.)

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  1. That particular issues sounds right up my alley, everything you just mentioned are things I have been wanting to learn more about as well. Happy reading :)