Monday, March 5, 2012

Update on the WIP Eradication Campaign

Back when I made the announcement about my WIP Eradication Campaign, I listed all of my old spinning projects.  Of the six WIPs on that list, only one WIP remains.

Only one WIP remains. 

And we're going to take care of that one right now. 

The last old spinning WIP is a project I started with inexpensive mill ends wool in order to practice over-the-fold spinning on my wheel:

The problem is I have no particular vision or plans for this yarn.  I've been staring at the fiber in its basket and it's just not talking to me.  It was skill practice more than anything else, so I have decided to demote this work from its WIP designation.  Instead, I'll chuck the yarn into a bin with other odds 'n ends singles.  I may resurrect it at some distant point in the future, but I think I might want to use this fiber for a different project.  So the yarn is in the "bits bin" and the wool is back in the stash as "unspun fiber" and voila! no more old spinning WIPs remain!

So as far as I'm concerned, my spinning WIPs are now under control, and in a fraction of the time I thought it would take me to do this!  Now it's time to tackle the next major WIP categories:  fleeces, fiber prep, yarn inventory, knitting, and crochet. 

I'm still on a bit of a high with my unspun fiber inventory work, so I think I'll next focus on yarn inventory and all of my fleeces.  The fleeces are going to be quite an adventure.

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