Friday, March 9, 2012

First use of handspun yarn

I finally, actually used some of my handspun yarn!  Up until now, seeing the skeins of handspun in their basket was enough to enjoy a sense of accomplishment from successful spinning.  I felt no great desire to make anything from them... that was something for "later." 

Well, "later" arrived.  I suppose I reached some critical mass where I just had to use some of my own yarn.  Plus I found a pattern that I loved that I thought would be perfect for some of bulky yarn. 

Voila!  A hat made with handspun yarn! 
If you're on Ravelry, here is the pattern link

As a side note, until this hat, I have been almost exclusively knitting socks for several months. Thin yarn, thin needles. Moving from that to a bulky hat made with huge needles was a wicked funny transition for my fingers, but what was even worse was moving back to the thin stuff. My fingers were slow and clumsy for several rows on the current sock project and I was laughing the whole time.   I went from a size 10 needle on the hat to a size 000 needle with the socks:

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