Friday, March 2, 2012

Finished! Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore yarn

Let's follow the saga of this yarn.

A long time ago, back in August 2010, I started spinning BFL-silk handpainted fiber on one of my favorite spindles.  I originally purchased the handpainted fiber because it reminded me of my hometown area in northwest Indiana, where I spent a lot of time playing on the dunes at Lake Michigan:

The spinning went well - it was the finest and most consistent spinning I had produced at that date.  I was proud.

Giddy with my spinning success, I decided to buy a bobbin winder and storage bobbins, with the intention of having the proper tools for better, easier plying.  I wound off the first cop from my spindle to a small, innocent 4" plastic storage bobbin.  And I was still proud.

And then I realized I was an idiot. 

Because overloading a bobbin like that is just begging for a yarn avalanche. 

I began slowly, painstakingly untangling the mess and rewinding the yarn on to a larger bobbin.  In the meantime, I finished spinning the rest of the fiber on my spindle and immediately wound the second single on to a large bobbin.  As for the tangled first single, I got through about 10% of the mess and then I put it the lid on the shoebox and set it aside until I could stand to look at it again.  I unearthed that shoebox during my recent studio cleaning project and got back to work on rewinding the large bobbin by hand. 

I hated this work.  Hated.  Loathed.  Despised.  It was good penance for something.  Not quite sure what I did, but whatever it was, I have atoned for it.

But eventually, by gritting my teeth and just getting it done, I had two lovely bobbins ready for plying:

I plied the singles together for a final 2-ply yarn, and had fun earlier this week playing with my slinky toy of yarn with active plying twist:

I washed the yarn to set the twist, then hung it up to dry for a few days.  And now, only 18 months since I first started spinning this fiber, I have a finished yarn:

Blue-faced Leicester wool & tussah silk blend
2-ply, worsted drafting
3.9 ounces, 28 WPI (laceweight), 598 yards


  1. Spinning and colours are just beautiful!

  2. I'm also from that area of IN. The colors look great for the inspiration!