Friday, May 11, 2012

Making slow progress

I'm making slow (ridiculously slow) progress on my latest yarn, but even slow progress is better than none.  I took my six bobbins of spindle-spun singles yarn and loaded them on my ultra premium, high-tech lazy kate (ie. a shoebox with holes poked in the sides).  I should've taken a picture of the kate with the full bobbins, but I didn't, so here's the after picture after the yarn has been plied:

And there the bobbins sat for almost two weeks, as I turned my attention to work getting the house ready for a big party last weekend, then cleaning up after the party, and then doing some major spring cleaning work. 

So on Wednesday this week, I was irritated enough that I hadn't done any plying that I gave myself an hour to get started on this work.  I put the fast whorl on my wheel to fly through the plying as quickly as possible, and I made a good dent on it.  I plied about 75% of the singles together in that hour.  I decided to make a 3-ply yarn with these singles, after briefly considering a 4-ply yarn.  In the end, I chose the 3-ply in order to maximize the yardage I could get out of the original 4 ounce braid of handpainted wool.

This morning I finished the work.  Because I was trying to get through my plying as fast as I could, I didn't pay as much attention as usual to using up my bobbins evenly.  I ended up with two bobbins that had enough singles left on them that I decided to n-ply the remaining singles at the end of final yarn, which makes me even happier that I had decided to make a 3-ply yarn, since the n-plied section blends in beautifully with the traditional plying. 

The plied yarn on the wheel:

Actually, now that I think about it, it's funny that the plying didn't take long at all and yet I still feel like my progress is painfully slow on this yarn.  It's probably more accurate to say my progress was severely interrupted and that's what felt so irritating.  Now I feel an effervescent relief that the plying is finished, and it will be easy to wind off the yarn, wash it & set the twist, and hang it up to dry.  I should be able to finish that work this weekend, and the final yarn will be unveiled next week. 

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  1. That yarn is beautiful! I absolutely love the color and you did such a great job plying it.