Monday, April 30, 2012

Spindle project - ready to ply!

I began spinning handpainted BFL wool on a 1 ounce spindle back on February 22nd.  I like to have a random, easy spindle project available at all times.  On the days when I'm otherwise busy and can't really work on my fiber craft for a long period of time, I can pick up this spindle and spin for a few minutes and still have my "fiber fix" for the day.  (Or at least that's the theory - I didn't even do much of this kind of quick spinning in April.  I'm really glad today is the last day of this fiber-unfriendly month.)

These easy, ready-to-grab spindle projects are starting to become one of my "default" yarns.  I use a semiwoolen drafting method with no particular plans for specific color repeats with the yarn.  I spin sections of the wool until the spindle starts to feel heavy, then I wind off the cop to a storage bobbin. I rejoin the remaining single to new fiber and keep spinning until I have enough to fill another bobbin.  Then I like to make a final 3-ply yarn from these singles.  These random spindle projects tend to produce soft, slightly fuzzy, elastic yarn that are around light fingering to fingering weight, usually 350 - 450 yards from 4 ounces of fiber. 

I finishing spinning the singles of this yarn over Easter weekend, and then the rest of April whooshed by me in a blur, so I still haven't plied the singles.  Having these singles sitting around is starting to feel a bit like a splinter under my skin - really, really annoying!  I want to see how the final yarn turns out!  So my spinning project this week is to ply my singles together, which I will do on my wheel.

Here are the six bobbins full of my singles, pictured with the spindle I used for this project:

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  1. I love your theory, it makes a lot of sense. I wish I could spin good singles that thin. I bet that yarn will be amazing when it's finally plyed.