Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wooly Word if the Week: Polwarth

Since I usually like to post by noon, I am squeaking this post in today.  But I have stuck with the Wednesday tradition of wooly words and am making sure I get this done before getting some sleep tonight! 

I mentioned yesterday how much I loved spinning with Polwarth wool, so I decided to make this sheep breed the wooly word of the week.  And yes, yes, I know that each new breed of sheep that I encounter becomes my new favorite.  But Polwarth seems to be truly special, so I want to highlight it.  One of these days I need to post a Top 10 list of my favorite breeds, and I know that Polwarth will be on it. 

Polwarth:  This breed was developed in the late 1800's in Australia from a cross of Lincoln (25%) with Merino (75%).  The goal was to create a breed that was hardier than Merino, and provided both excellent wool and meat.  The emphasis, however, was always on the excellence of the wool.  Polwarths produce big fleeces that have long, soft fibers.  This breed is actually known as "Ideals" in South America.

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