Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to pack for a 2 week trip?

I will depart in a couple of days for a two week trip to Indiana to visit my family, followed by a weekend spent with college friends in Des Moines, Iowa before returning to Minnesota.  I face some challenges with packing for this trip:

1.  I will be bearing large gifts to my family & friends.  Among other things, I am bringing a tall bookcase to give to my brother, a stereo for my parents, and several bags of yarn for my Iowa friend.  These gifts are not surprises for anyone, which is why I can write about them.  I've been busy cleaning & organizing my studio space in our house, which has been a complete disaster.  I am evicting these items and my family & friends are happy to give them a new home. 

2.  I will bring both dogs with me for the trip.  I have two black lab mixes, both of them weighing more or less around 65 pounds, and will need to bring their creature comforts such as enough food and toys for a couple of weeks.

3.  I have a minivan, which one would think would be helpful, and it certainly will be for the bookcase and large dogs, but I already have a tendency to overpack and I am often lured into false complacency thinking "well, I have a minivan, so it'll all work out." 

4.  It's the crappy time of year where it's impossible to know what clothes to pack, since early spring can be cold in the early mornings and late evenings, but much, much warmer during the day.  So I know I will end up overpacking clothes while I try to make sure I have what I need for this temperature spectrum. 

and what is most challenging...

5.  If I don't bring a few fiber projects with me, I will go stark raving mad.  I want to bring the rest of Pixie Girl's fleece so that I can finish picking all of the wool, but this seems like a very bulky project to bring with me and I'm not sure how ridiculous I am being by even considering it.  A pragmatic choice would be a small bag with a small knitting project (like the socks I've been working on for a while now) and a spindle or two with some fiber. 

But all of these considerations are almost beside the point.  So what is the real question?

To bring my wheel, or not to bring my wheel. 

I cannot make up my mind.

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