Friday, January 14, 2011

Knitting Lessons, part 1

This past Sunday, I had a delightful afternoon of teaching knitting to my oldest friend, my best friend from high school in fact.  She had a bit of experience already, but had not knit for several years.  And folks, she's a natural - beautifully even stitches and a relaxed attitude.  It made teaching fun and gave me some food for thought.  I really enjoy teaching knitting and other fiber arts and I need to think about finding more official ways of sharing my love of this craft with others. 

After a lovely chat over tea & cookies, we started the knitting lesson and covered cast-on's, the knit stitch, and adding new yarn.  I wanted to make the lesson as entertaining as possible, so for yarn, I dug into my yarn samples stash.  I highly recommend this idea!  It is really fun to play with different colors and textures of yarn, using just a few yards at a time.  It instantly makes the lesson very low-stress and personal, because a student can play with the yarn from the start. 

A "new" knitter:

Fun with colors & textures:

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